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Campaign Against Cholesterol

This is the campaign against cholesterol by Ministry of Health, Portugal. I don’t know why they use Lego in this campaign. Is that telling us don’t play with our health like the kids play with the lego? Don’t Play With … Continue reading

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Weird Japanese Climbing Wall

This climbing wall in Japan uses picture frames, mirrors, deer heads, bird cages and flower vases as climbing holds. At least they had the presence of mind to put the deer head at the top so people won’t fall on … Continue reading

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Perfect Wallet For Computer Nerds

Ziek at Instructables show us that we can use circuit sheet from the keyboard to make a wallet or a checkbook cover. All you need is a spare keyboard, a roll of clear packing tape, a screedriver to open the … Continue reading

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Bruce Lee Speed Painting

This guy creates a wall sized mural of Bruce Lee using only his hands and karate chop motions. The end result is awesome.

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How A Snake Eats An Egg?

Had you ever seen the snake eats the egg? Do you know how the snake ats the egg since their mouth is smaller than egg. But, it is not a problem for this snake to eat an egg which is … Continue reading

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