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Free Online Sudoku Puzzle

Today i played online sudoku game which is free at Web Sudoku. There are billions of free sudoku puzzles for you to play on this website. You will never finish to play them. 😀 At first, i thought it is … Continue reading

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How To Feed 100 Dogs At Once

Try to imagine you have 100 dogs and how are you going to feed them at once? French dog handler at Chateau Chevernay feeds a large, well disciplined group of hunting dogs. Luckily, those dogs are well disciplined. Otherwise the … Continue reading

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Beautiful Reporter – Melissa Theuriau

Melissa Theuriau is the most beautiful and hot TV reporter i have ever seen. Here is a compilation video of her appearances on TV.

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Almost Imposible Lines And Shapes Illusions

Here is some of almost impossible lines and shapes art by Felice Varini.

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Raw Pork + Coke = Worms ?

Put a raw of pork into a container and pour the coke onto it. Then you have to wait for few minutes and you will see the worms crawl out from the port. Is that true? I haven’t tried this … Continue reading

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