Unique Mailboxes Around The World

Donkey Mailbox
A collection of funny, creative and unique mailboxes around the world.

The first mailbox look alike appeared in 1780s in Russia, to count Ivan Shuvalov. Because many people asked him questions and came to him to solve problems, he made a green box with a slot and put it outside his main door so people could write their questions and problems and put them in the box. The box was afterwards seen by the future Imperator of Russia Pavel Petrovich and he put a “Tsar box” wall box outside his Winter mansion with a “For visitors needs” banner on it.

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Can We Clean Our Keyboard In A Dishwasher?

Dirty Keyboard Clean Keyboard
How do you clean your dirty keyboard? Had you ever tried to use dishwashers to clean it?

Studies show that computer keyboards have more bacteria than toilet seats. But it’s hard to clean all those keys. So some people advocate an extreme solution: Throw your keyboard in your dishwasher.

At first glance, this seems insane. But the computer-
keyboard-in-the-dishwasher advice is all over the Internet. And don’t we wish it were true? My keyboard is an old Hewlett Packard that’s encrusted with a kind of mysterious black grime. I thought, “Well, why not try my KitchenAid?'”

Source: Nell Boyce of NPR did the experiment via Neatorama