Unique Mailboxes Around The World

Donkey Mailbox
A collection of funny, creative and unique mailboxes around the world.

The first mailbox look alike appeared in 1780s in Russia, to count Ivan Shuvalov. Because many people asked him questions and came to him to solve problems, he made a green box with a slot and put it outside his main door so people could write their questions and problems and put them in the box. The box was afterwards seen by the future Imperator of Russia Pavel Petrovich and he put a “Tsar box” wall box outside his Winter mansion with a “For visitors needs” banner on it.

Lizard Mailbox

Pig Mailbox

Skeleton Mailbox

Fish Mailbox

Hammer Mailbox

Animal Mailbox

Computer Mailbox

Nikon Camera Mailbox

USA Tank Mailbox

Apple Mailbox

Source: Pile Of Photos

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