Who am i? 😛 You can call me Jack. I am the fresh graduate student and currently jobless. So i decided to blog for living like some other problogger. If there is any grammar or vocabulary mistake in my blog, please let me know. Because english is not my first language. No much thing about me. That’s all. 😛

Most of the posts in my blog are taken from other blogs or website. I do link to their blogs or website and show the source links. If you feel those website owners steal your content or images without linking to you or ask the permission, please let me know it and i will change the links to your blogs or website. BUT you have to prove those images and contents are belong to yours. If you failed to prove it, i might not change the links.

If you want me to remove some of the images that are copyrighted to you, i will remove it immediately once i get the message from you. But, sometimes you have to wait because my internet connection is not good and i busy with my other things in real life.

You can contact me by dropping the message in the comment box. I don’t want to write my email address here because i don’t want to get spam emails or junk mails.

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