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Mona Lisa Smile Illusion

What do you see on the picture? Mona Lisa smile? Just save the image into your computer and rotate it 180 degree and you will see one of Mona Lisa is not smiling. Amazing optical illusion.

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Buddha Hollow Face Optical Illusion

When you are walking around the painting, you will get the the impression that the Buddha is turning it’s head to your direction and staring at you. It is amazing hollow face illusion. Does anyone know where is it?

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Tiger Woman Illusion

Could you spot something unusual on this tiger photo? There is a woman face on this tiger. Source: Moillusion

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Spiderman Illusion

The spiderman is coming to rescue a man. This is a real painting done by Julian Beever at the street of London. The painting is very 3D and you can even see the shadows of the spiderman.

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Albert Einstein And Marilyn Monroe Illusion

Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe are embed together in this illusion. You will see Albert Einstein when you move closer to the computer and you will see Marilyn Monroe when you move far away from the computer. Source: Albert Einstein … Continue reading

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