The Best Place To Hide Your Money In The House

Some people prefer to keep their money in the house instead of in the bank for a long time. But they do not know where is the best place to hide their money and valuables in the house from a burglar.
Cash Money
Some of them might think the place where they hide the money is safe. But it is not the safe place to a burglar. Want to know where is the best place to hide your money and how to hide them? Then the person who can ask the right question is a former burglar.
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Resignation Letter From A Blogger To Boss

How to write a resignation letter to your boss? Cheesie from Cheeser Land show us a simple but effective resignation letter.

Dear Boss,

You know why i want to resign?
Since i worked for you, i have no time to blog anymore. When i don’t have time to blog anymore, my readers hate me. When my readers hate me, they don’t visit my blog anymore. When they don’t visit my blog anymore, my hits drop. When my hits drop, i become unhappy. When i become unhappy, i will eat a lot. When i eat a lot, i will get fat. When i get fat, it will affect your company’s image. When your company’s image is affected, your business no good. When your business no good, you become unhappy. When you become unhappy, you eat a lot. When you eat a lot, i’m afraid you will become fat, like me.

You see, Boss, it’s a vicious cycle. I did everything for your own good, because i care for you, Boss.

So the conclusion is, i want to resign. Please let me go la.

Yours cheesily,